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Introducing Work n Play Clothing Company Inc.

Work n Play Clothing Company Inc. is a national buying group comprised of independently owned clothing stores. Each store is owned and operated by a member of the local community. Work n Play Clothing is a registered trademark owned by Work n Play Clothing Company Inc. Work n Play Clothing is not a franchise, it is a buying group of independent stores.

The benefits of joining the Work n Play Clothing Company include:

  • Buying power: Work n Play Clothing sources the best pricing and terms with suppliers.

  • Shipping Costs: Work n Play Clothing negotiates freight contracts at lower rates than can be achieved by single independent businesses.

  • Networking: Work n Play Clothing Stores share advice and knowledge about current trends.

  • Stationary: Work n Play purchases bags, boxes, price labels, gift certificates, and other materials used in day to day business; all materials are available to Work n Play stores at the lowest possible cost.

  • Credibility: Customers recognize the Work n Play trademark and know they are dealing with a credible trustworthy business. Customers recognize they can purchase quality brand name merchandise throughout all Work n Play stores.

  • Your Investment: A recognized trademark adds value to your business. If you ever decide to sell your clothing store, selling it as a business with a Work n Play trademark license will help your return on investment.

  • It is Your Business: We do not dictate or attempt to control what Work n Play Clothing stores sell or do not sell. If it works for the majority of the stores, it probably makes sense to you!

Come and Join the Work n Play group. Be part of a growing network of retail clothing businesses.

Quality Name Brands: Levis Dickies Carhartt Viberg.